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Welcome to Disciple Texas

Disciple Texas is a spiritual leadership development initiative of Texans on Mission, and is specifically designed to connect the Hearts of Texas to the Mission of God. We give structure and process to channel volunteer work into productive assistance for people in need.

We don’t just jump in and do what we want to do. We find out the specific needs and then connect volunteers with ways to meet those needs in an organized and helpful manner. As we walk this spiritual journey together we will encourage you to begin serving Jesus in a personal ministry. Use the video tutorials below as a guide to helping you make your life count.

Let's get started...

You will need a Make Life Count participant journal, or a blank journal, as we walk through this Life-Mapping process. Before we begin, we need to establish a few foundational principles that will help us navigate through life. Let's get started...


Passion to serve. Structure to be effective. Effort to change lives.

- Active Volunteer Opportunities -


5351 Catron Dr.

Dallas, TX 75227


(214) 275-1100



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