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Welcome to our Duffle Bag Escape Experience created by TBM. This is an interactive mission trip designed to teach the power of prayer, the faithfulness of God, a new Gospel presentation, as well as the importance of living a missional lifestyle for King Jesus. Let's get started!

The Plot


Last week TBM received word from one of our long-time ministry partners, Dr. John LaNoue, and he recently returned from a remote village TBM had once provided clean water filters to over a year ago. He brought back a sample of dirty drinking water and pleaded with us to send help. They are drinking from a dirty water source and their filters are in desperate need of being cleaned. If we do not help them soon it is possible for many to perish. All we have is a letter of invitation from our TBM Executive Director, Mickey Lenamon, and this Duffle Bag full of the supplies needed to remedy the situation. We pray you will partner with us as we bring help, hope, and healing to the world through the Gospel.


The Goal 


The goal for this experience is to make the dirty water clean again and, therefore, to bring life to this remote village. You have 45 minutes to complete this Interactive Mission Trip. Everything begins in the right pocket. You may begin.

The Rules

  • Please do not write on any of the supplies and clues provided in the bag. These bags will be reassembled and used at other events in the future. 

  • Use the notepads provided to keep important information written down. STAY ORGANIZED! It is best to have one person be in charge of writing down all codes. Not every code will be used immediately. Some codes will be used later, so DON’T LOSE THEM.

  • At no point will you need to use excessive force to open any locks or bag compartments. If it is locked, don’t try to break into it any different way. 

  • Please do not damage any of the zippers, straps, or lock boxes as you attempt to solve the clues within this experience. 

  • Do not drink any of the water provided in this experience. Follow all clues and only use the water as planned for this experience. 

  • Assign a Team Leader to be in charge of guiding your team through the challenges. This person should be the most organized person in your group. Also, anyone can scan the QR codes provided throughout the experience. 

  • READ EVERYTHING. All answers to the challenges are given in the material provided. If you don’t see the answer, it might be that you should wait for more info or more items later in the experience. 

  • Some markings on the items are simply for us to reassemble the bags later, so do not waste precious time trying to decipher those markings. It will be obvious what you should be focusing on in each challenge. 

  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

Mission Trip Clue List

(In no particular order)


REC - Solve the Popsicle challenge and look above the name to find four letters for the code. 

RPS - Use the number of colored soaps to determine the order of sticks. Then spell Dr. John’s last name and find the four letter code above. This page should be combined with the Popsicle stick challenge.

RPX - Hold with the letters facing the ceiling. Twist the bottom lever towards you and then pull the sliding board from left to right. Twist to receive the clue.

LXM - Look for the storm and then find the answers to the blanks. Use the overlay to determine the order of the numbers. Using the Code Sheet, change numbers to letters to find the code. 

MX1B - Look for a date in TBM History. Read the next paragraph too and don’t consider the year. Just use the month and day. (Four digit number code.)

MX1W - Look for the instructions at the bottom of the duffle bag to know how to clean the filter. 

MX1PX - Hold the letters facing the ceiling. You must slam the bottom of the box as hard and as parallel to the ground as you can on your leg, hand, or something padded. This should unlock the box and allow you to slide it open with ease. 

Maze Cube 
Dr. John LaNoue is ready to lead our team on this expedition. The path is winding and like a maze. Help Dr. LaNoue navigate us through the maze to unlock an item that will be useful at a later time. Good luck! 

Code Sheet
Our team will be in need of a translator. Be sure to use the decoder throughout the journey. It will be of great use many times! 

Gospel Presentation Training (Two Pages)
Dr. LaNoue wants each of us to be ready to share the Gospel at any given moment. Fill in the blanks on this page to eventually find the three-digit code. Don’t lose heart if you can’t complete this training page. There will be more Gospel training to come

2. Right Compartment - Code Sheet (3).pn
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